You person behind Luxsfaxe / the woman behind luxsface:

The founder of the brand Luxsface and the associated first branches in Hamburg, is also a trained beautician / make-up artist and hairstylist with kills from renowned schools in Germany and leading international academies for hairstyling and make-up. In addition, she graduates annually the best Master class of the most talented world stars of these industries.

She also has more than 10 years of professional experience and already has many references.

Among other things, she is particularly active in the Persian music industry (Afghanistan / Iran) and most of the internationally active singers have already been styled by Luxsface.

Our company

The business idea of ​​Luxsface is very interesting as it has been trying for a few years to set itself apart from the rest of the competition and so developed a completely different strategy. This was also a success factor for selling off many shops and companies operating in the market. This strategy, also known as the "niche" market strategy, is geared towards a specific and dedicated clientele. Thus, the offers are specifically designed for the wedding industry and related celebrations. Most of the clients also have a certain migration background and thus the offers are also targeted and prepared with certain service

This circle of customers are considered the main source of income of the studios of luxsface

One of the studios is also located in one of the most prestigious event halls in Hamburg,

This location is unique in the cosmetics and make-up market, setting it apart from the competition. Due to the location of the studio, the customers can make up for the wedding directly at the location of the celebration - this saves the customers additional ways.

Another competitive advantage results from the cooperation with the local event, decoration, film / media and music / DJ agencies.

The image and prestige gain is unique.

This combination of good location, service, lifestyle, image as well as the professionalism and quality of work has convinced the customers.

There are already cooperations with the photographer, the decoration and tailoring as well as DJ and music agencies in the house.

With the establishment on the market, the marketing of its own cosmetics line is now taking place due to high demand.

Already Lashes, Haarspry, Nrushes and various products for hair were produced. The marketing and marketing is currently in the preparatory phase.

This will definitely be a further Luxsface success story